Real Money Casinos for newbies and pros

Tempted by online gambling? Want to start playing immediately on and make a million dollars right now? Wait, it would be a good idea to consider these things before you took that first step.

Is your online casino safe?

Every day, millions of dollars are wagered on real money casinos all over the world. Players enter their credit and debit card numbers, CVV and other details while gambling. Is this information secure all the times?

Information security

Every bit of information in a real money casino is encrypted. Your player data moves under a virtual tunnel using the Secure Socket Layer technology. This way, hackers won't see your details at all.

The significance of 'https'

Look out for casinos whose URLS begin with 'https'. Sites having this prefix are safe and trustworthy. Online search engines rank 'https' sites higher than other only because of the trust factor.

  • Never lay bets using public Wi-Fi
  • Avoid real money casino sites that promise you money

What games do real money casinos have?

Every real money casino has slots, card games, table games, etc. Some casinos also have jackpots in their inventory. Slots are the most popular games among the online gambler community for their simplicity and high payouts.

Roulette is often called the King of Online Casino. It is a fast game and has high payouts. Good online casinos have all the 3 versions of this game- American, European and French.

Games and strategies

There are several strategies available to you for acing their game. All these require a fair bit of understanding of math and probability. One of the more popular strategies is the Martingale strategy.

Luck is important

Casino games work on luck also. Luck plays a very important role in your game. That said, if you deploy the right strategy and play safe, you should earn good sums of money in your game.

  • Please avoid casinos that guarantee you money
  • Consult online reviews

Real money casinos and bonuses

When you make your first deposit, you might receive a Matching Bonus. This is virtual money that must be used for betting only. Players who don't make any deposits might also receive bonuses.

Real money casinos and technology

Can you download and install your online casino. In case you can, check it for any hidden viruses. Many real money casinos don't need to be installed at all. Simply launch them and begin playing.

Casinos and mobile technology

Can you play online casino games on your mobile device? Most real money gambling sites work on HTMLS technology which means their games can be played on all kinds of devices, including your mobile phone.

Take your game with you anywhere you go to and never miss the excitement. Your mobile game should be compatible to iOS and Android operating systems. It should also work with most of the browsers.

What are responsible gambling practices?

All good real money casinos follow a set of responsible gambling practices. This means that they don't allow underage gambling. These betting websites also discourage questionable gambling practices such as money laundering.

Responsible gambling practices also include keeping a watchful eye on gambling addicts. The whole idea is to keep your real money casino as safe and enjoyable place. Look out for those casinos that offer safety.

  • Your casino might request for bank statements
  • It might request other personal ID documents

Your casino should also have a list of Do's and Dont's regarding your personal information. It should clearly specify what it does with your information? Does it sell that data to marketing organizations?

How to win in real money casinos?

Identify those games that are easy to play. Slots are the easiest to play, so start from there. Classic slots are easier than video slots, so the former should be your first choice.

Begin with those games that have high RTPs and low variance. Look out for video slots having Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers. Start with low bet values , and stick to your bankroll. Avoid risk.

Roulette being an intense game, master it by watching demo videos. Trust your instinct and don't blindly rely on expert advice. If you hit a winning spree, the best thing to do is walk away.

Last modified: 21 July 2021